ANC appalled by Judge Lamont's ruling

Party say it'll study ruling before releasing a more comprehensive response


The African National Congress is appalled at the decision of the Southern High Court to outlaw the ANC song ‘Dubulibunu' as hate speech as pronounced by Judge Collin Lamont in the hate speech case.  We view this judgement as an attempt to rewrite the South African history which is not desirable and unsustainable. This ruling flies against the need to accept our past and to preserve our heritage as an organization and as a people.

The ANC will carefully study the judgement and understand its full implications before releasing a much more comprehensive response.  In the meantime we will respect the decision of the court while investigating options of dealing with this judgement. The we will explore every possibility to defend our history, our heritage and our traditions.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC National Spokesperson, September 12 2011

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