ANC attempting to make political capital out of Etzebeth case – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus says there is a comment in the report stating the party has 'turned its back on the Coloured community'

Questions arise regarding ANC’s attempts to make political capital out of Etzebeth case 

9 October 2019

The FF Plus has taken note of a media report on Network24 today with the heading: "March regarding Etzebeth case planned in Langebaan" (translated). In the media report, statements are made about the FF Plus that are both malicious and void of all truth.

Mr Sammy Claassen, a community leader who openly sympathises with the ANC, is quoted in the report as he sharply criticises the FF Plus about the matter. The report was published even though the FF Plus was not given the opportunity to respond to his statements.

According to the media report, Claassen said, among other things, that the Coloured community will join forces and oppose a party like the FF Plus that has "turned its back on the Coloured community".

Also: "... the FF Plus has shown that it supports Eben Etzebeth and that it is okay for the white man to call 'coloured-people' h*tn*tt* and to assault them".

Claassen's statements are disconcerting and raises the following question: to what extent was the ANC involved in making the matter a political playball? It is unacceptable and dangerous for a political party to manipulate or agitate such situations for political gain.

The FF Plus did indeed criticise the HRC for how it handled the whole matter and the party was proven right in doing so by the HRC's statement yesterday that it is going to investigate the actions of its national legal head, adv Buang Jones, concerning the case.

The FF Plus's standpoint regarding racism is well documented. The party will not tolerate any form of racism from any side and strongly condemns the fact that a situation, like the Etzebeth case, is being used for cheap political gain.

It has the potential to cause great damage to human relations in the country, as is clearly evident already.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, 9 October 2019