ANC can't have it both ways with history - Pieter Mulder

FF+ leader accuses ruling party of double standards on McBride/'Shoot the boer'


"It is absolute double standards of the ANC to want to decide which history they want to keep and which history does not suite them," Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus leader said.

Dr. Mulder reacted to Mr. Mantashe's objections against the Constitutional Court 's decision that Robert McBride may indeed be called a murderer while the ANC is fighting in the High Court to keep the slogan "Shoot the Boer".

"The majority of South Africans want peace and harmony in South Africa . It can be reached by not wishing the history away but sensibly deal with it. To try and justify in court "Shoot the Boer" in the current times of farm murders and then to sing it in front of the court, reveals an insensitivity and an arrogance of the ANC which does not promote harmony and peace.

At the same time the ANC is demanding that Mr. Robert McBride is not called a murderer. This is double standards. South Africa at present needs a Mandela atmosphere and not a Malema atmosphere in the country," Dr. Mulder said.

Mr. McBride was responsible for the death of three people with his Magoo's bar bomb and was found guilty of murder. Amnesty did not change the facts and Mr. Mantashe's comments can also not do it even though he had received amnesty.

Future good relations in South Africa will be determined by the sensible way in which we deal with history. Double standards and one-sided propagandist views of history may be good for getting votes and to mobilise people, but makes no contribution to peaceful co-existence in a diverse country such as South Africa .

Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader, April 14 2011

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