ANC doesn't want to honour Mama Winnie - EFF

Fighters slam party for rejecting the renaming of Cape Town International Airport after her


Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The ANC, working with the DA, has once more rejected the renaming of Cape Town International Airport after Mama Winnie Mandela. The ANC refuses to see Mama Winnie Mandela in her own right as a leader of the liberation of South Africa, which is also a rejection of accepting that women have played a central role in our freedom.

Today, like they worked together with the racist minority regime in the 1980s, when they rejected her using a cabal in the IJDF, they have done the same. They tried to suppress her as a leader, leading towards the ANC elective conference of 1997, by reopening cases long after apartheid. They did this just to rob us of the first black female president, the country deserved.

It is clear they are scared of her, even in her death.

Today, like they conspired in the ANC Women's League, together with Stratcom, to remove her as President, they have once more removed her name to stand on its own.

Many Parliamentary members never showed up, or even covered the debate on Mama Winnie Mandela live, through social media platforms. Both SABC and ENCA, did not take the debate live, demonstrating that even the media hates Mama Winnie Mandela.

Most shocking, the Speaker of the National Assembly absented herself, leaving patriarchal kingpins like Deputy Speaker, Lechesa Tsenoli, to preside over the suppression of a female liberation hero.

The people of South Africa must remind the ANC and the DA of our love for Mama Winnie Mandela on the 08 of May, 2019. This act of rejection must be repaid in rejecting them on the 8 May 2019.

How is it, that even in her death, ANC refuses to give Mama Winnie Mandela the honour she gave to us all in her living days. Her sacrifice and leadership rejected in an alliance with reactionary forces of DA. Let it go down in history that we stood and gave ANC a chance to undo its ill treatment of Mama over the years, and true to their hypocritical nature, they refused.

All promises made by the ANC during her funeral, remain empty and a perfect sign of hypocrisy.

The EFF will never rest until Mama Winnie Mandela's name is given the honour it deserves.

The EFF will carry her name in true and perfect highest regard. For as long as we live, Mama Winnie Mandela will never be forgotten .

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 5 May 2019