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DA spokesperson says his party has a proven track record of growing economy

ANC manifesto proves they cannot create jobs

The biggest focus of the ANC’s 2019 manifesto hinges on jobs, however given the failing ANC’s track record, their promises to create jobs will remain just that - promises.

Cyril Ramaphosa boasted that the economy has tripled in size since 1994. What he failed to mention is that in 2018 there are far more people unemployed than 24 years ago. In fact, the unemployment rate has increased since Ramphosa took over as President and worse, the South African expanded youth unemployment rate is now at 50.1% - the highest in the world.

The ANC’s manifesto promises to create 275 000 jobs each year, however over the last 10 years, because of the ANC’s mismanagement of the economy, we only managed to create an average of 156 000 jobs per year.

There is no reason to believe that the failing ANC would do any better in the future. Ultimately their pledge on job creation is just another empty promise.

Not only has the ANC failed to create jobs for South Africans, they cannot create jobs. All they care about is enriching themselves and rewarding their loyalists.

This is not what we were promised 24 years ago. It is clear that the DA is the party of jobs, and we have a plan to create long term jobs for all South Africans.

A DA national government will boost job creation and alleviate unemployment by:

1. Introducing a Voluntary National Service – one year of income and skills development for school leavers.

2. Creating job centres throughout South Africa that provide information, advice and free internet to job-seekers.

3. Growing small business opportunities through increased funding assistance and removing blockage and red-tape

4. Prosecuting and eliminating the practice of “sex for jobs” and carpet interviews.

5. Prosecuting and eliminating the practice of “cash for jobs” and corruption in allocating jobs.

Unlike the ANC, the DA has a proven track record of growing the economy, attracting investment, clean governance and most important of job creation that all South Africans can access. Where we govern in the Western Cape, the unemployment rate is the lowest in the country and last year the province created 75% of all jobs in the entire country – this is the DA difference.

Statement issued by Geordin Hill-Lewis MP, DA Spokesperson on Access to Jobs, 13 January 2019