ANC must prioritise appointing a new Premier in NWest – Joe McGluwa

DA PL hopes that new MECs to be appointed will come forth with turn-around strategies

The ANC must prioritise appointing a new Premier in North West

5 June 2018

The ANC must get their house in order.

Where is Supra Mahumapelo? The man who seems to have nine lives. He first resigned, then went on leave, before finally going on early retirement.

Seeing Supra packing is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the fact that President Cyril Ramaphosa is dragging his feet in appointing a successor, renders this whole exercise worthless.

The people of the North West are fed-up.

Following months of turmoil leading to the collapse of health services in the province, the urgent appointment of a new premier would seem to be the next logical step, but since Supra’s early retirement in May no appointments had been made to date hereof.

Supra’s early retirement, along with his presence as the provincial chairperson has left this province bleeding.

Ramaphosa’s so-called intervention turned out to be a play for time. The appointment of an Inter-ministerial Task Team merely drew attention away from the factional politics that needed to be dealt with.

With all the shenanigans that we have witnessed, the question remains: Is the Acting Premier, Honourable Wendy Nelson the answer to the turbulence in our embattled province? You tell us, Honourable Elisha.

The reality is that this chaotic state that we find ourselves in, is Ramaphosa’s mess, as much as it is Supra’s. He accommodated Mahumapelo’s lies and arrogance and had he acted swiftly, we would today have been closer to solutions for the panoramic challenges that we are faced with.

The ANC must wake up and smell the coffee. The Supra faction clinging onto power has resulted in strikes that severely affected the businesses, hospitals, schools and safety of our people.

We cannot allow incidents of this nature to continue indefinitely. This so-called sound appetite of the former premier calling for forensic investigations is an attempt to nullify the process.

The fact is, he must answer to all the allegations against him. He must face the full might of the law. The former premier must be prosecuted and if found guilty, he must rot in prison.

We will not be surprised if the special sitting for Friday is going to be cancelled, but whatever happens, a new premier should be appointed soon.

We can only hope that the new MECs to be appointed will come forth with turn-around strategies in order to grow the economy, create jobs and ensure proper service delivery across all spheres of society to make amends for the dismal state that Supra and his cabals left us in.

Only a DA led government can bring a total change in our community in the North West. We will see Supra in court, and you ANC members, we will see at the voting polls.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Provincial Leader, 5 June 2018