ANC must repudiate Manyi's remarks - Grant Pascoe

Cape Town DA slams "too many Coloureds in WCape" remarks

Jimmy Manyi is wrong: there's no such thing as too many coloureds (or whites, or Indians, or blacks)

The Democratic Alliance in Cape Town rejects with contempt Jimmy Manyi's attack on residents of the Western Cape. His view that there are "too many coloureds in the Western Cape" amounts to crude racism, shows his lack of understanding of the history and people of our beautiful country, and cannot be allowed to stand. Despite what Mr. Manyi may think, South African citizens are free to live wherever they choose, regardless of their skin colour.

Manyi's absurd statement further calls into question the Department of Labour's assertion that the amendment to the Employment Equity Act is not designed to drive people out of their jobs in the Western Cape based on the colour of their skins. If Mr. Manyi's statement is an accurate reflection of government policy, the EE Act is an attempt at social engineering on a scale not seen since the darkest days of Apartheid.

The ANC government must immediately repudiate Mr. Manyi's statements, and state unequivocally that this is not official government policy.

The bottom line is this: there is no such thing as too many coloureds (or whites, or Indians, or blacks)! There are only South Africans. The ANC must stop its obsession with race, and start focussing on creating opportunities - especially for the poor -  so that all our people are able to improve their lives.

Statement issued by Grant Pascoe, Democratic Alliance Cape Town, February 24 2011

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