ANC Panel cannot provide change South Africans need – Solly Malatsi

DA NS says for decades, the ruling party has stolen the people’s money and mismanaged the economy

ANC government’s cost of living Panel cannot provide the change South Africans need

20 July 2018

Today marks the deadline for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Economic Cluster Panel to present their package of economic measures to protect South Africans against the escalating cost of living.

It is no secret that since President Ramaphosa took office in February, the cost of living for ordinary South Africans has escalated dramatically. Between the VAT increase, fuel hikes, sugar tax increase and sin tax increase it is clear that the ANC has put a stranglehold on the unemployed, working class and middle class as costs continue to rise.

The truth is that the President’s Economic Cluster Panel cannot provide the change South Africans need.

For decades, the ANC has stolen the people’s money and mismanaged the economy. Now the ANC is making ordinary South Africans carry this burden.

It is, for this reason, the DA has launched a #StopTheTaxAttack petition and call on all South Africans to sign our petition and demand that VAT be brought back down to 14% and that the exorbitant petrol price increases be brought to a halt.

Under the Ramaphosa administration, there has been a total of four consecutive petrol increases, with another hike expected for August. Every time a motorist fills their tank, R265 (33%) goes directly into the pockets of government.

Instead of taking money from the pockets of South Africans, the government must reduce the Road Accident Fund and general fuel levy by 20%, and balance the budget by ridding the state of corruption.

The ANC is not only playing games with the economy but also with people’s lives. It is becoming more and more expensive for families to put food on the table and to cover the cost of transport.

Yesterday, South Africa’s growth forecast was cut from 1.7% to 1.2%. This knock to the economy will no doubt make life considerably harder for the destitute, especially the unemployed.

The government clearly does not care about the poor and the continued tax increases will not lead South Africa into prosperity. In fact, it will only trap the vulnerable in continued poverty.

The DA will continue to oppose the unjustifiable VAT increase and fuel hikes as we are a party that stands on the side of the vulnerable and unemployed. In the DA governed-metros of Cape Town and Tshwane jobseekers receive free bus rides on a continued basis.

With the 2019 elections approaching, South Africans will make their voices heard and punish the ANC for placing the burden of its corruption on the vulnerable.

Issued by Solly Malatsi, DA National Spokesperson, 20 July 2018