ANC refuses to condemn ANCYL ungovernability threat - DA

Debbie Schafer says Marius Fransman sought to deflect attention from issue in parliament

ANC fails to renounce Youth League threats 

The ANC today missed a golden opportunity to distance itself from the ANC Youth League's threats to make the Western Cape ungovernable. 

In a Member's statement in the National Assembly, I asked the ANC to give a clear answer as to whether they support the Youth League's statements or not, and if not, what they plan to do about it.

The only attempt at a response came from Deputy Minister Marius Fransman, who tried to deflect attention away from the issue and said that the DA must look at its skewed policies of service delivery. 

It is true that the DA has skewed policies of service delivery - they are skewed in favour of the poor, because we acknowledge that redress is required to address the consequences of our history of unequal development.

No repudiation of the Youth League's threats to make the Western Cape ungovernable was forthcoming. This lack of commitment to constitutional democracy and the outcome of free and fair elections is lamentable. 

The only conclusion that can be reached is that the ANC supports the undermining of legitimately elected governments and has no scruples about putting the lives of innocent people at risk by instigating protest action. This is unacceptable in a constitutional democracy. 

Considering how hard the ANC fought for a democracy in South Africa, this action is deeply disappointing. 

Statement issued by Debbie Schafer MP, DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, August 14 2012

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