ANC statement on DA FBI publicity stunt

Party says opposition party has a greater interest in sensationalist headlines than in due process

ANC statement on the DA FBI publicity stunt

22 June 2022

The announcement by the Democratic Alliance that it has written to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate matters relating to a theft at President Cyril Ramaphosa must be dismissed as a crude publicity stunt. It is clear that the DA has a greater interest in sensationalist headlines than in due process. South Africa is a sovereign country with its own Constitution, laws, law enforcement agencies and regulatory institutions. It is therefore bizarre that the DA has sought to involve an agency of a foreign state in the investigation of events alleged to have taken place on South African soil.

It is unfortunate that the DA has demonstrated such contempt for South Africa's laws and institutions at a time when great progress is being made, under the leadership of this ANC administration, to restore the credibility, capability and integrity of the country's law enforcement agencies.

The ANC reiterates its position that the criminal complaint against President Ramaphosa needs to be thoroughly investigated without fear or favour, and that the due process of law must be allowed to take its course.

Issued by Pule Mabe, National Spokesperson, ANC, 22 June 2022