ANC violently disrupting our election campaign - EFF

Fighters say in all programmes addressed by the CIC the ruling party has sent in a mob


28 May 2016

The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns with contempt the planned violence and disruption of EFF Gatherings and campaign programmes all over South Africa, particularly in KwaZulu Natal. In all the programmes addressed by the Commander in Chief, the ANC organised a mob which tried to disrupt and start violence around EFF activities. 

An organised and funded ANC mob was responsible for threats to collapse EFF Community meeting in Ladysmith and another mob tried to disrupt and later threw stones at members and supporters of the EFF who had attended a Community Meeting in Esikhaweni Shopping Centre, Mhlathuze Municipality in Uthungulu Region. 

In the elections programmes held in Nkomazi and Mbombela, an organised and funded ANC mob shot guns, injured an EFF supporter and three stones at EFF members and cars that we attending the meetings in Nkomazi and Mbombela. 

In the elections door to door campaign programme that happened in Ekurhuleni, an EFF supporter and member was killed by an ANC mob, and was buried on Saturday, the 28th of May 2016. These are just some of the activities the ANC is involved in to suppress the unstoppable rise and growth of the EFF. 

Through all these disruptions and violence, the ANC National, Provincial and Regional Leaders have not called order on their members because the violence and disruptions are planned and funded from the top. The ANC leadership is involved in the programme to violently disrupt EFF activities because they know the EFF appeals to the people and will defeat them in the upcoming elections. 

All these violent disruptions also expose and reveal the true character of the ANC, the fact that it is a violent Organisation which killed and commanded the killing of many innocent black people in the transition from apartheid to what we have now. The ANC was at the centre of violence against black people, blamed the Inkatha Freedom Party and later called the transition peaceful because there were no white casualties when thousands of black lives were lost for political reasons. 

The EFF commends the courageous spirit of Fighters in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Ekurhuleni and all parts of South Africa where the ANC resorts to violence and disruption to suppress and repress activities and activists of the EFF. The EFF is a peaceful Organisation and will peacefully fight for elections victory in all corners of South Africa. There is no area in South Africa which is a no go area. All areas in South Africa can be visited and that is why the EFF exists in all parts of South Africa.

We call on the ANC and its corrupt leadership to at least appreciate that political power can be handed over peacefully. The many years of struggle were aimed at achieving recurrent and interval peaceful transfer of political power. The ANC must never undermine the freedom of South Africans to choose political parties of their choice. Stop the Violence! 

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 28 May 2016