ANC WCape moves to impeach Helen Zille

Marius Fransman says Premier's misconduct in spy saga is so serious she must fall

ANC starts process to impeach spy premier Zille

25 November 2015

The ANC leader of the opposition in the Western Cape legislature Marius Fransman today initiated the process for the impeachment of DA spy premier Helen Zille nextTuesday 1 December 2015.

Fransman gave notice of a debate to have MPL Otta Maree (legal name for Helen Zille) booted in accordance to Section 130 (3) of the Constitution.

Fransman says: “The ANC believes there are legal grounds to have Zille democratically removed as premier. The ANC will debate this matter on Tuesdayand will move for the legislature to kick her out. It is clear that she is not fit for purpose to proceed as premier, that she transgressed laws and that her misconduct in the whole spy saga is so serious that Zille must fall.”

This motion was put after the ANC in formal member statements today laid the foundation for her removal and an earlier question session in which Zille continued to presented untruths to the public about her role in the saga.

Member statements follows below:

Statement by Ms Pat Lekker (ANC MPL)

Where ever premier Helen Zille goes there is spying.

She opened the Pandora’s Box on the murky underworld by paying a covert intelligence operative to actively spy on people – including her own.

This active spying is clear as all equipment seized by SAPS in raids on one Paul Scheepers was to intercept and spy. He even lists all in an application to the High Court; and nowhere is there anything like a debugging device or anti-bugging software. Nothing!

Any other claim is an unproven fairy-tale - the kind that regularly surrounds Zille.

She served as MEC in the bunker cabinet that met in a walk-in safe with plastic garden furniture to prevent attachment of magnetic bugging devices and a powerful spy apparatus called watchdog.

She initiated spying on colleagues in Cape Town when she became mayor and had many CCTV cameras added to her floor and offices.

She is now again caught in spy claims. On her watch CCTV cameras on the ground floor of her ivory tower office building increased to more than all the cameras in Khayelitsha and a spy with a very powerful Grabber spy apparatus was hired.

Zille is the spy premier and must fall!

Statement by Mr Richard Dyantyi (ANC MPL)

The venom is spreading fast after the viper in the DA spy premier’s bosom struck its master.

It is interesting to see the premier breaking her own adopted cabinet policy in the “Handbook of Members of the Provincial Cabinet” – the only province to have written its own rules and then broke it!

Repeatedly the DA spy premier Helen Zille takes over the liaison role of her community safety MEC to interact with national ministers on security matters. Why does she not trust her own MEC whom she appointed to do so?

As elected leader of the Western Cape government and accountable to this house the premier knows better. She took an oath to uphold the Constitution, all laws (including her own rules), but frequently breaks the Constitution and now again her own rules.

According to Handbook Rule 3 under the title security analysis, members of cabinet (this includes her) should approach the national intelligence minister and police minister for a security analysis and arrangements for the provision of appropriate security - and that all cabinet members and their support staff should at all times adhere to such security arrangements and policies.

Zille must now fall on her own sword.

Statement by Mr Marius Fransman (ANC MPL)

A can of worms was opened by Spy premier Helen Zille when she tried to turn the table on others!

It revealed her gross misconduct and the outright corruptive abuse of state resources.

She backed a hired covert intelligence operative before his High Court application was delivered to the state attorneys!

In doing so, she has twice abused a government website and blog for petty party political attacks on her opponents and even spread untruths like the spy referred to politicians in his affidavit - which he does not – and that the ANC coined a phrase the newspapers in fact began.

The DA previously also used an unstable person to lodge false allegations against others! So far it is uncovered that the hired spy suffers from mental trouble; is accused of criminal transgressions; investigated for selling missing vital video evidence in the Shrien Diwani murder case and tried to sell a lost SAPS surveillance apparatus!

Zille unashamedly used taxpayer money to pay this spy an initial amount of almost R116 000 who also extensively worked for the DA!

And nobody in her party says a word. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would have shouted foul with a hashtag: Zille must fall!

Issued by the ANC Western Cape, 26 November 2015