ANC/NFP in Vryheid trying to airbrush Buthelezi out of history - IFP

Albert Mncwango says parties want to rename council chamber, change municipal emblem


IFP National Organiser, Mr Albert Mncwango, today responded to reports that the ANC-NFP Alliance in Vryheid intended renaming the "Prince Mangosuthu Council Chamber", removing his portrait from the Chamber and changing the municipality's emblem because it featured the face of an elephant.

"Wiping IFP President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, off the map by all and any means at their disposal has been a long-standing goal of the ANC. This fresh attempt in Vryheid is simply a continuation of that goal," said Mncwango.

"I am therefore not surprised that the ANC and it's puppet, the NFP, are once again trying to airbrush Prince Buthelezi's contribution to the development of Vryheid away. We all know that Vryheid would not be the place it is today had it not been for him. And it is precisely because of his contribution that the Council Chamber was named after him. The people of Vryheid know this and no matter how much the ANC/NFP Alliance try to whitewash him out of existence in Vryheid he will remain in the hearts and minds of the people there. They will simply not succeed," added Mncwango.

"We are calling on the principled and courageous within the NFP at Vryheid and elsewhere to act with conscience and not allow themselves to become part of the ANC agenda. It is clear that the ANC is simply using the NFP to achieve their long- standing goal of getting rid of Prince Buthelezi."

"These actions impact seriously on reconciliation that the NFP hypocritically claims to aspire to," he concluded.

Statement issued by Mr Albert Mncwango, MP, IFP National Organiser, December 13 2011

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