ANC’s factionalism destroying governance in NWest – Joe McGluwa

DA PC says ripple effects have spread from provincial level down to municipalities

Failing ANC’s factionalism destroying governance and service delivery in North West

9 October 2018

The ongoing factional battles in the failing ANC is destroying the last semblance of governance in the North West Province and is bringing the already erratic delivery of basic service delivery to a complete halt.

Recent reports indicate that the Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality will be taking the North West Provincial Government (NWPG) to court for not following procedures when placing the municipality under Section 139 (1b) and Section 137 MFMA administration interventions.

This is equivalent to an ANC local government taking the ANC provincial government to court and the DA is of the strong view that this is directly related to the factional battles playing out within the ANC. And once again it is ordinary people who are negatively affected by poor service delivery.

In the past few months, department officials who have cooperated with the national appointed Inter-Ministerial Task Team (IMTT) and those tasked with investigating the corruption in the province allegedly received threats against their safety and lives.

The ripple effects of the failing ANC’s factionalism have spread from provincial level down to local municipalities leaving residents without service delivery and creating an environment where corruption flourishes.

Areas such as Ventersdorp, Kgetlengrivier, Tswaing and many others have been continuously affected by service delivery protests. Many areas do not have proper infrastructure, roads are dilapidated and filled with potholes, communities spend weeks without access to clean and sustained water supply.

In Tswaing the failing ANC caucus is too busy bringing motions of no confidence against each other while people here have to live without water and electricity supply, there is no refuse removal taking place and the infrastructure in the town is old and dilapidated.

In the JB Marks area services have been brought to a halt as the ailing municipality continues to fail to pay service providers and employees, just last week employees from the Department of Infrastructure held municipal trucks hostage demanding to be paid.

The DA is the only united party in North West that is working nonstop to bring positive change to the people of North West. The DA will bring the changes necessary to improve governance and speed up the delivery of quality basic services. A DA government in North West will be united in the fight against corruption and create a conducive environment that will attract investment in our mineral rich province that will create jobs and reduce unemployment.

Come 2019 the people of North West should vote for a government that will bring real change that builds One South Africa For All. The DA is the only party in North West that has the political will, policies and experience to bring good governance to the people.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Premier Candidate, 9 October 2018