ANCWL organises mini-skirt march againts women abuse

League to march from Bree Street taxi rank through notorious Noord taxi rank


The ANC Women's League are calling upon all women who feel the rate of women abuse in South Africa is too high, to join us in a mini skirt march this Friday the 17th of February.

Recent incidents of abuse highlighted in the media have spurred the Women's League to say enough is enough; we will no longer tolerate the abuse of our women on the streets or anywhere.

Many women feel frustrated and hopeless due to the high prevalence of abuse. Despite the freedoms of our democracy which gives equal rights to all sex groups, it is sad that many women remain victims of violence in taxi ranks, homes and in the work place. Women are abused and raped due to their sexual orientation all these violent acts against women cannot and will not be tolerated by the ANC WL!

We want to make a strong statement letting the perpetrators know that abuse in any form will not be tolerated and are inviting those who wish to wear mini-skirts as an act of defiance to do so with pride.

Anyone who is outraged by the continued violence against women and children is welcome to join in, we extend this call to unions, NGO's, students, churches and the youth to rise up in protest against the rampant violence against women and children in our communities.

We will march from the Bree Street taxi rank, through the Noord taxi rank and hand over a memorandum to the Justice Minister or his representative at the equality court in Pritchard Street.

16 days of activism against women and children is clearly not enough! The ANC WL is calling for an all year round campaign and dedication from authorities to put an end to this social scourge.

Women refuse to be victims any longer and every woman and child has the right to live in a society free of violence and discrimination. We will take our queue from the women of 1956, their bravery and militancy will spur us on to continue the struggle for the emancipation of women from the clutches of abuse.

Join the ANC WL on Friday and say no to ABUSE!! You strike a woman, you strike a rock!

DATE: 17 - 02 - 2012

TIME: 14H00



DRESS CODE: Women can dress as they feel comfortable, but are encouraged to wear mini-skirts!

Statement issued by Troy Martens, ANC Women's League national spokeswoman, February 14 2012

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