ANCYL in KZN wage a puerile war of words – IFP

Youth League in province has truly lost the plot and have resorted to lies and propaganda

ANCYL in KZN wage a puerile war of words

11 October 2021

The IFP is deeply saddened to see the complete loss of moral direction from the ruling party expressed in a recent statement by the ANC Youth League in KwaZulu-Natal. Their growing fear that they will indeed lose this Province in three weeks’ time, when the people vote for the IFP’s honest leadership, is clearly affecting their judgment.

Comparing the IFP to the Gestapo and our Founder to Hitler, they make the outrageous claim that a rogue private army of citizens and Amakhosi has been mobilised to come and kill them. They have truly lost the plot.

The motive behind this statement is nothing more than the fear of losing power. Thus they have resorted, as usual, to lies, propaganda and hate speech, making up a past that never happened around events they know nothing about.

The IFP is thankful that South Africans know better than to heed such gutter politics. We will continue to provide a leadership of integrity so that the people will have a party they can trust, not only to speak the truth, but to deliver with honesty, accountability and competence.

The IFP calls on the national leadership of the ruling party to take cognisance of the conflict being brewed by its Youth League in KwaZulu-Natal. Such puerile, inappropriate attacks, place reconciliation talks at national level, and cooperation at provincial level, in serious jeopardy.

Issued by Mkhuleko Hlengwa, National Spokesperson of the IFP, 11 October 2021