Uthukela ANCYL leader allegedly part of unrest and violence – Alf Lees

DA MP says Nkosi allegedly appeared on video burning tyres on the N11 and was apparently arrested two days later

ANCYL leader allegedly arrested for leading and instigating violence

21 July 2021

The DA has learnt from a reliable source that Nhanhla Hendry “Mampintsha” Nkosi, apparently the Uthukela leader of the ANCYL, has been arrested for taking part, leading and instigating the violence around Ladysmith.

Nkosi allegedly appeared on video burning tyres on the N11 on 9 July 2021 and was apparently arrested while again burning tyres on 12 July 2021.

Nkosi appears to be an ANC cadre appointment at the Alfred Duma Local Municipality (ADLM) where he is the head of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) unit. This is clearly yet another example of the evil consequences of the ANC policy of cadre deployment.

The alleged criminal and terrorist actions of Nkosi have contributed to the destruction of property, massive damage to the economy and the loss of jobs in the Uthukela district. Nkosi must face the harshest consequences that the law can impose, if found guilty.

The case has apparently been transferred to the provincial SAPS and the DA is concerned about the reasons for the transfer and that the case may not receive the immediate and full consideration that it deserves. I will write to the police commissioner, Lt General Khehla Sithole, to request that the case be handled by a senior police investigator and that it be prioritised to ensure that all the relevant evidence is gathered for the court to consider his conviction.

Given that Nkosi was allegedly arrested nine days ago, it is astounding that the ANC has been silent and has not condemned the actions of its ANCYL leader – presumably because he is a senior ANC cadre. By now, one would have expected the ANC to have publicly distanced itself from those ANC members who have been identified as instigators of the violence. Unfortunately, due to the silence, a conclusion may well be that the ANC leaders in KwaZulu-Natal may have supported the criminality and economic destruction of the past week.

Issued by Alf Lees, Uthukela Constituency Head, 21 July 2021