ANCYL welcomes Selebi verdict

League hopes ruling will be a lesson to ANC and alliance leaders


The ANC Youth League welcomes the verdict of the State vs. Jackie Selebi delivered by the Gauteng South High Court on the 2nd of June 2010. The ANC Youth League hopes that the verdict will be a lesson to many leaders of the ANC, alliance and all leaders in South Africa that going against the law can tarnish a person's image, irrespective of the contributions one made to the struggle against apartheid oppression or leadership position they hold in society. Those who were considering violating the laws with the hope of escaping because of positions they hold in the State or other sections of society should stop such considerations, because they will be successfully prosecuted.

The conviction of Comrade Jackie Selebi, who is one of our own, does not erase the massive contributions he made to the African National Congress and the struggles against colonial-cum-apartheid racism and domination. As a leader of the Youth Section of the ANC, Comrade Jackie Selebi played a critical role in ensuring that the voice of young people in the ANC is heard and forms part of the many difficult decisions the ANC had to take in the course of liberation politics. Comrade Jackie Selebi made massive contributions to the struggle against apartheid repression, yet such does not stop the ANC Youth League from accepting the verdict passed against him by the Courts.

Statement issued by Floyd Shivambu, ANC Youth League Spokesperson, July 3 2010

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