Anroux Marais new WCape MEC for Cultural Affairs & Sport - Helen Zille

Premier says MPP will fill the vacancy left by Theuns Botha's resignation


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Ms Anroux Marais will fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr Theuns Botha as Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Ms Marais was elected to the Provincial Legislature in 2004, and served a full term with great dedication on the portfolio committee of Cultural Affairs and Sport. Having exercised oversight for five years, she understands the work required by the Department very well. She has also served as the chairperson of the Portfolio Committees of Health and Social Development, giving her a sound understanding of the requirements of transversal management for successful government.

Ms Marais is also the chair of the Provincial Caucus of the Democratic Alliance, where she was recently unanimously elected to a second term, holding the party together under sometimes challenging circumstances.

I have full confidence that she is the right person to provide leadership in this important portfolio.

Statement issued by Helen Zille, Premier of the Western Cape, April 21 2015