Application for leave to appeal loadshedding case refused – ActionSA

Party says this is a major victory, adds that it is inspiring to see the judiciary remains on side of most vulnerable

Victory! Minister of Electricity, Eskom and government’s application for leave to appeal loadshedding case refused  - ActionSA

16 May 2024

ActionSA is delighted that the Pretoria High Court Full Bench has refused the Minister of Electricity, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, Eskom, and the Government’s application for leave to appeal against the Loadshedding Judgment.

This means that the “humanitarian relief” argued for on ActionSA’s behalf by Adv. G. Benson ought to be immediately implemented, ensuring that even after elections, all public schools, hospitals, and South African Police Services should be exempt from loadshedding.

The fact that the Minister of Electricity, Eskom and Government saw fit to appeal this “humanitarian relief” for the most vulnerable, indicates that loadshedding is indeed not a thing of the past.

In a landmark judgment handed down by the Full Bench of the North Gauteng High Court on December 1, 2023, the court ruled in favour of ActionSA’s request that hospitals, schools, and police stations be exempted from experiencing rolling blackouts.

It is inspiring to see that the judiciary remains on the side of the most vulnerable members of society.

Nearly two months ago, ActionSA President, Herman Mashaba, Gauteng Premier Candidate, Funzi Ngobeni, and myself attended Eskom’s hearing at the North Gauteng High Court for leave to appeal the judgment.

ActionSA’s lawyers worked vociferously to oppose the appeal brought by Eskom and the South African government, as we believe the ruling is in the best interest of the South African people.

It is well documented how communities across South Africa have been adversely affected by load shedding when police stations’ telephone lines don’t work, hospitals fail to take care of sick patients when the lights go off, or studies are interrupted at schools when they fail to have access to power.

In the 17 years since load shedding was first introduced in 2007, the ruling party has yet to take action to address the energy crisis, and ActionSA will therefore continue to advocate for the people. The upcoming elections present an opportunity for South Africans to choose a caring, patriotic government that will keep the lights on.

Issued by Mpho Madisha, ActionSA Team FixSA Member for Energy, 17 May 2024