Appointing two males to ConCourt regressive - EFF

Julius Malema had rightfully proposed the appointment of Justices B. Molemela and R. Mathopo


Friday, 24 December 2021

The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the blatant patriarchal and regressive decision by Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint two males to fill the recent vacancies in the Constitutional Court. In a move that reveals that he pays nothing but lip-service to the agenda for transformation of the judiciary and furthering the cause of women, Ramaphosa has not only reversed the gains of women representation in the judiciary but cements a long existing perception that the judicial sphere is designed for males.

As part of his consultation with the legislature, Ramaphosa wrote to the President and Commander in Chief of the EFF, Julius Malema, seeking his council on who to appoint to fill vacancies in the Constitutional Court. As an organisation guided by an acute understanding that the fight against Gender Based Violence begins at the heights of power, such as the judiciary, the Commander in Chief rightfully proposed the appointment of Justices B. Molemela and R. Mathopo, who both currently serve on the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Sadly, because Ramaphosa lacks integrity and the basic grasp of how to alter power relations in order to serve the most marginalised in society, he appointed two males.

What is clear to see is that the struggle against gendered oppression is used as nothing but a smokescreen by Ramaphosa, who is an ardent defender of corruption and the status quo on all fronts. He is the epitome of the defence of not only white monopoly capital, but make dominance in all spheres of life.

In a time when our courts need transformation in order to be firmer and more sensitive to the conditions confronted by the women of this country, Ramaphosa has chosen to spit in the face of an opportunity to effect meaningful and identifiable change.

When there are two judges who are both competent and experienced, are male and female, the logical conclusion to effect transformation in a field historically and contemporary only dominated by men, is to appoint a woman.

The silence of the ANC Women's League and all so-called NGO's is not only ironic, but typical, as they are always quick to condemn those opposed to this regime yet are silent in the face of a clear step backwards in our Constitutional democracy.

The decision by Ramaphosa is a clear sign of his disregard for the need for transformation in the judiciary, and the battle against male dominance in certain professions will remain so long as he leads this country.

Issued by the EFF, 24 December 2021