Attempts to factionalise RET worrying – ANC

Party calls on members to desist from using Zuma’s name and health concerns to stir divisions

ANC reiterates calls for unity and renewal as we tackle economic challenges

13 February 2020

The ANC, since its founding in 1912, has always recognised the unbiblical link between political and economic liberation. This is reflected in such policies as the African Claims (1943), the Freedom Charter (1955) and subsequent conferences, from Morogoro (1969) through to the Reconstruction and Development Programme (1994), and more recently in resolutions of its 54th National Conferences in Nasrec in 2017 and our 2019 Elections Manifesto.

The current economic crisis, compounding the triple challenges of unemployment, inequality and poverty, is a clarion call for all of us to work together to seek and implement solutions to turn this situation around, and get the country back on the road to building a truly non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous country for all, not just the few.

This requires a spirit of open debate and engagement on these challenges, on the expression of radical socio-economic transformation in our resolutions, and there should be no holy cows. At the same time, it is regrettable that these real challenges faced by our people are being used in ways that undermines the unity and image of the ANC and its capacity to unite the broadest range of South Africans to tackle the triple challenges.

The ANC therefore notes with concern the continued attempts to seek to factionalise radical economic transformation into groupings, and particularly recent remarks attributed to cde Carl Niehaus.

The ANC also calls on its members to desist from using the name of Former President Jacob Zuma, and most recently his health concerns, to stir divisions. We continue to wish comrade Zuma a speedy recovery and our support. The ANC has never discouraged anyone, both within and outside its ranks, to support comrade Zuma during his court appearances, as long as this does not interfere with the work of the judiciary and his right to a fair process. The contributions of former President Zuma to the liberation struggle, as a freedom fighter, will remain part of the history of our movement.

Issued by Pule Mabe, National Spokesperson, ANC, 13 February 2020