AU’s decision to grant Israel Observer Status astounding – ANC

Party says it seems that country is being rewarded for its air strikes and bombings of Palestinians

ANC statement on the African Union granting an observer status to Israel

2 August 2021

The African National Congress (ANC) is astounded and takes a dim view of the decision of the African Union to grant Israel Observer Status at the AU.

The time is appallingly unfortunate and seems to reward Israel after its air strikes and bombings of Palestine, in open disregard for international protocols on international human rights. The decision is most insensitive and ill advised, and an antipathy to the founding principles and objectives of the African Union, including its resolutions.

The recent bombings and killings of Palestinians, the destruction of their properties and social infrastructure, including hospitals are examples of Israel's flagrant disregard for the international community and international protocols, including the AU and UN tenets on human rights. It is for similar banditry and inhumanity that Apartheid South Africa became the skunk of the world and was boycotted and shunned internationally.

The AU Secretariat, as a bureaucracy, must defer to the democratic guidance and decision of the AU member states, in line with the AU protocols and founding principles. To this end, we urge the AU Secretariat to urgently reconsider and reverse this reckless and unwise decision.

We further request that this serious policy lapse be urgently referred to the AU Executive Council for consideration and deliberation thereon by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and to the AU Assembly consisting of Heads of State and Government to deliberate thereon and take an appropriate decision.

The ANC is adamant that the integrity of the African Union Vision, Mission, Objectives and Policies must be observed and upheld.

Issued by Pule Mabe, National Spokesperson, ANC, 2 August 2021