Black Monday marches racist and disgusting – EFF

Fighters say black people would be justified in seeking to punish whites, but do not

EFF statement on Black Monday

31 October 2017

The EFF has observed with disgust the racist marches that took place yesterday going under the name of Black Monday. Many white farmer communities took to the streets, blockading roads and highways in an attempt to raise awareness on the farm murders. These marches proudly promoted anti-back racism by a tiny white minority which seeks to gain public sympathy using apartheid symbols like the apartheid government flag.

The premise of these marches is a full-blown stupidity that there is an orchestrates white farmers killing by black people. This fear, unfortunately, is part of the persistent colonial settler collective guilt of thinking one-day black people will punish whites for their apartheid and colonial crimes. As a result, they withdraw into an apartheid memory with its deep wishes for a whites-only society in Africa.

Whilst black people would be fully justified in seeking a punishment for the crime of colonization and apartheid, they did not. There are no political formations even during the years of struggle that were ever premised on revenge. The black political leadership, from different ideological poles has always mobilized black people by elevating their humanness above revenge. Moreover, the democratic dispensation, which has now held for 23 years, is about democratically and legally resolving the injustices of colonization as opposed to war and absolute violence.

This important compromise on the part of black people, who lived on their knees for centuries, accompanied by forced removals, genocides and massacres, is what was being insulted by Black Monday marchers. The black human gift encapsulated in the democratic dispensation is what Black Monday marches assaulted with their apartheid symbols and pronouncements.

As a country, we must, therefore, recognise these fascists for who they really are. We must not mince our words when we call them out as a group of people who have never accepted the democratic dispensation, the cost of which it came and have no shame in wishing for the return of a crime against humanity called apartheid.

Of all constituencies that face deep and sustained violence in this country, Marikina workers, families of the patients killed in Life Esidimeni, Femicide victims, none call for a crime against humanity in order to resolve their plight.  Only the white farmer constituency feels special enough to demand help whilst evoking the return of a crime against humanity called apartheid.

We call on all who took to the streets yesterday, who wish for the return of apartheid and protection under its values to take the next convenient boats and leave our country. The land and farms that they occupy will simply be assumed by other commercial farmers.

Issued by the Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, Spokesperson, Economic Freedom Fighters, 31 October 2017