Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela an inspiration - NEHAWU

Union condemns brazen attempt by US imperialists and their collaborators to destabilise the govt there


NEHAWU is deeply disturbed and harshly condemn, the brazen attempts by the imperialist US Government and its collaborators, to undermine and destabilise the government of Venezuela. Over the last few weeks, the people's government of Venezuela discovered and dismantled a U S inspired coup d'état.

The U S government has been conspiring with some Venezuelan aviation officials to provoke a violent uprising, like they did in Ukraine. We offer solidarity to President Nicholas Maduro, and salute the young officers; the working class youth, and security organs, who managed to stop the planned putsch attack in its tracks.

This bald-faced onslaught against the Bolivarian revolution deserves condemnation from all progressive forces around the world, and we call on the workers of Venezuela to resist attempts to derail their revolution.

The Americans cheered on by the corporate monopoly media have been planting seeds of instability and have been using provocative language against the people's government of Venezuela. This level of aggression by the lone superpower needs not only to be condemned but should be resisted by the working class everywhere. There is a pressing need for an international working class solidarity and the restoration of an internationalist working class movement to resist this "gun-boat diplomacy".

The Bolivarian revolution has been inspirational to all progressives around the world. They changed Venezuela in fundamental ways, empowering and energizing millions of poor people who had felt marginalized and excluded.

Their courage in dismantling the hold of the imperialist American government in Latin America is both inspirational and exemplary. They also disproved the much believed and encouraged myth that neoliberal policies are supernatural and part of human nature. They eliminated the elitism that has derailed and poisoned revolutions before by being both democratic and honest representatives of the people. We have confidence in the Venezuelan working class that they will manage to defend their revolution against this destabilization as they have done before.

Statement issued by Sizwe Pamla, NEHAWU Media Liaison Officer, February 25 2015

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