Bosasa board dissolved, workers to keep their jobs for now – Liquidator

Operations will proceed as normal, but 'I can't confirm how long they will be here'

Bosasa board dissolved, workers to keep their jobs for now - liquidator

22 February 2019

Court-appointed liquidator Cloete Murray says he has met with Bosasa workers and their union representatives, as he begins to take the facilities management firm through a process of liquidation.

Murray was at the Krugersdorp head office of the company now known as African Global Operations (AGO) on Friday, four days after directors applied to put the business into voluntary liquidation.

Murray was appointed by the Master of the High Court in Johannesburg on Thursday.

On Monday, AGO confirmed that its bankers, FNB and Absa, had closed its accounts due to "reputational risk".

Murray said the board, which he confirmed had been dissolved, had handed him documents.

"I have met with the board and introduced myself and explained to them of my appointment. We had a short discussion," he said

Just after noon, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) arrived at the headquarters and confiscated documents and computers.

"Soon after my appointment, SARS officials contacted me, requesting electronic data. They are here to collect electronic data. They asked for access into and the building and I gave it to them."

Murray added that he had also explained his appointment to workers and their union representatives.

"Operations will proceed and we will keep them in employment. I can't confirm how long they will be here," he concluded.

Employees worried

Groups of workers were later seen leaving the headquarters, many looking dejected, while others supported each other by exchanging hugs.

One woman, who was crying as she walked out, was comforted by three colleagues, as she told them that she was worried about her daughter's future, as she is in her first year of university.

"I don't know how am I going to pay for her fees. If I'm unemployed, her future is at risk," she told News24.

Another employee said he hoped that Murray would bring changes to the company.

"I have been working for this company for 12 years. I'm also concerned about my provident fund. It has not been explained what will happen to our provident funds. What we want is our future," he said.

"Bosasa invested a lot in its employees. I wonder if the liquidator will also offer us benefits that we received, such as training."

Inside the state-of-the art premises, several antelope were freely grazing on the well manicured grass, while different birds flew around - a tranquil scene, in stark contract to the panic outside the  gates of the company earlier in the morning.

Many of the staffers were left surprised and shocked when they received their salary payments on Thursday evening, five days ahead of schedule.

The employees are expected to return to work on Monday, but some said they would down tools if they weren't assured that their jobs were safe.