By-elections: DA takes ward off ANC in Walter Sisulu - Nqaba Bhanga

ECape leader says this highlights his party's growing support in rural areas of province

By-election: Blue wave of change sweeps through Walter Sisulu Municipality

The Democratic Alliance (DA) achieved a significant success and grew from 39.94% in 2016 to 50.74% in today's by-election in the ward 3 by-election in Walter Sisulu Local Municipality.

This highlights the DA’s growth in rural Eastern Cape and underlines the fact that the people of the province are placing their trust in the DA.

The DA is pleased with the result which saw the party take the ward from the African National Congress (ANC). This is a testament to the fact that the people of the province have had enough of the uncaring, ineffective and corrupt ANC style of governance.

Our growth in this ward and the ANC's significant drop in support, from 53.26% to 38.5%, shows that the people are embracing the DA’s agenda for change and realise that only the DA can change their lives for the better, through building One South Africa for All.

The residents of Walter Sisulu loudly voiced that they want the change that only a DA government can bring.

Where the DA governs, we prioritise better service delivery, orderly and safe communities and greater access to opportunities.

Come the 2019 national elections, the DA will remove the ANC from power in South Africa and the Eastern Cape to ensure a better future for all.

I thank each and every person who came out on Wednesday to endorse the change that the DA is bringing to the Eastern Cape.

Statement issued by Nqaba Bhanga, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, 9 August 2018