Call for peaceful, free and fair elections in Uganda – EFF

Country led by a geriatric incapable of new ideas cannot bring the future that all Africans deserve

EFF calls for peaceful, free and fair elections in Uganda

13 January 2021

The EFF notes with disappointment reports that the Ugandan government has blocked social media and deployed military vehicles to the streets and fighter planes to the skies as the country goes to vote in the presidential elections.

With elections scheduled for the 14th of January 2021 and Yoweri Museveni having been in power since 1986 for over 34 years, it is despicable that his government is trying to intimidate citizens after a campaign of intimidating supporters of the opposition as well as taking away access to internet, which the UN General Assembly declared a human right in 2016.

Over the past year alone there have been reports of harassment and torture of politicians such as Robert KyagulanyiSsentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake or people trying to make an honest living such as vendor Alanyo Joyce, to members of the media who have repeatedly been harassed as they try and carry out their duties to inform the public, to members of the LGBTQIA community who face harassment and torture for being themselves. The brutality unleashed on the people of Uganda by a government led by a dictator whose time has gone must stop.

The directive to ban social media by the communications regulator a day before elections shows a weak government who is aware of the power of mobilization and weariness of a people who are led by a 76 year old while the median age of Ugandans is 16 years.

A country led by a geriatric incapable of new ideas and strongman tendencies cannot bring the future that all Africans deserve. Uganda's youthful population sees 700 000 young people reach working age every year. Only 75 000 jobs are created, accordingto the World Bank. Uganda's people deserve better than harassment, military, a dull future and indentured labour at best for the youth.

The Pan African ideals of the African Union Agenda 2063 of a high standard of living, well-educated citizens, transformed economies and a revolution with science and technology, cannot be met when people are butchered for wanting to express their views, trade freely, access information and exercise their political will.

We cannot sit idly by when governing parties do as they wish and treat a country as their personal fiefdom.

The EFF calls for a peaceful, free and fair elections and for Yoweri Museveni to sit down and let the people's will be heard.

The EFF further calls on AU chairperson and President of the country to reign on his in-laws. The horrific reports and video clips of abductions, torture, assault, detentions, killings and harassment of opposition and their families and women is in stark opposition to all what the AU and South Africa stand s for. This madness should stop.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo,National Spokesperson, EFF, 13 January 2021