Fuel levy should be reduced by R1 – OUTA

Organisation says South Africans have paid the price for corruption for far too long

OUTA calls for R1 reduction in fuel levy 

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is calling on all South Africans to join the movement to put pressure on government to reduce the price of fuel. On Tuesday 31 July, OUTA together with other civil action groups under the Freedom Movement banner will stand in solidarity to hand over a memorandum to the Minister of Finance, calling for a reduced fuel levy and an independent inquiry into the Road Accident Fund(RAF).

It’s for this reason we call on a reduction in the fuel levy as external factors like the oil price and the rand/dollar exchange rate can’t be controlled. The reduction of the fuel levy however is a quick win for government as it is within their control and impacts the lives of all South Africans” said Ben Theron, OUTA’s COO.

We understand that a R1.00 reduction in the fuel levy will impact Treasury’s income by approximately R23 billion per annum, however we also know that corruption and maladministration costs this country far more than this amount each year. By reducing the high fuel levies and tax burden on society, Government will be forced to find the money through improved efficiency and reduced wasteful expenditure,”  says Rudie Heyneke, OUTA’s Portfolio Manager.

South African’s have paid the price of corruption for far too long. The high fuel levy is a direct result of the corruption that has permeated our state and continues to cripple our economy.

Our memorandum also calls for an investigation of the RAF which receives a portion (R1.93) paid to the fuel levy. “The RAF has been marred with fruitless and wasteful expenditure and an independent investigation will ensure that funds received by the already taxed consumers will no longer go to waste”, Heyneke added.  

Concerned citizens are encouraged to lend their voice by assembling at Church Square in Pretoria Central at 10am on Tuesday 31 July.

Those who would like to participate in the nationwide demonstration should visit https://www.outa.co.za/stop-fueling-around/ to download printable placards and find other ideas of how show support on the day.

 In addition, activists on social media can change their profile pic in the build-up and on the day of the march. This image is also available on www.outa.co.za

OUTA is an a-political organisation, however, we encourage all parties, unions and associations to join us on Tuesday. Taxpayers have suffered for too long while the fuel levy appears to be governments personal slush fund.

Issued by Lois MoodleyOUTA Head of Communications, 31 July 2018