Cape Times: Zille vindictive - Marius Fransman

ANC WCape leader says DA govt's non-renewal of subscriptions aimed at oppressing the Independent group

ANC says Zille must stop freedom attack

The ANC Western Cape says premier Helen Zille must come clean on her unwise cancellation of a newspaper's subscription only at one media house as a punitive measure for not following her manipulative line.

This follows the Western Cape executive council (called a ‘cabinet') led by Zille illiberally prescribing to all provincial government departments to cancel its payment for the Cape Times. The vindictiveness of Zille and her administration is also seen in its various acts to make life miserable for the Independent Newspaper group since it came under equity ownership.

ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman says: "This is another rash measure to curb freedom of the media and free speech. It is aimed at oppressing the Independent group as it doesn't want to succumb to writing only sweetheart stories as the DA dictates. It makes mockery of the DA's liberal stance to tolerate and allow the Fourth Estate to operate without interference and regulate itself. Does Zille act against Naspers or is she going to spend advertisement money only at Times Media? What would the DA say if this was done by the central government?

"This is so DA politics of deception and its double standards! If anyone disagrees with the DA, they are excommunicated, side-lined and penalised. Why is only the Independent singled out? This is also part of a trend by Zille to threaten and bully targeted media and certain reporters.

"There are numerous incidents on record where she phones, intimidates and even use inappropriate language. It is clear Zille is a menace dragging her party down and there is no one to control or oppose her. She devours the DA from the inside and out too! The ANC in the provincial legislature will take this matter up with Zille's administration."

Statement issued by Marius Fransman, ANC Western Cape leader, March 16 2015

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