Cape Town budget not passed because of doubts over ID - FF+

Dr. Corné Mulder says dissatisfied councillors were planning to vote against it


The fragility of the cooperation between the DA and the ID was today very clear in that the Cape Town Metro Council could not approve the 2011/12 budget. The budget was not approved because all indications were there that dissatisfied ID councillors wanted to vote against it.

What makes the events even more sensitive are the fact that the DA is at present praising themselves throughout the country as to how the DA in Cape Town had won and governed the Metro. This makes it difficult to explain as to why there wasn't a majority to approve the budget.

The DA is today paying the price for their leader, Helen Zille's earlier impetuousness in that she had pushed aside the multi-party group, consisting of the FF Plus, ACDP, UDM and others. The implication is that the DA was today again sold out by the unreliability of its new partner - the ID.

The FF Plus was today prepared and ready to give its vote in favour of the budget, should the council have put the budget forward for it to be approved.

Statement issued by Dr. Corné Mulder, FF Plus MP and provincial leader: Western Cape, May 11 2011

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