CAR incident can't be attributed to one person - SASFU

Union says all South Africans should take responsibility for foreign military missions

Let's all take responsibility for the death of soldiers in Central African Republic

As reports continue to flow in and conflicting on the number of soldiers dead and injured in the Central African Republic (CAR), SASFU holds a view that SANDF Command should be held accountable.

South Africa has a responsibility to safeguard its sovereignty and provide military solidarity to the region and the continent. The invasions by NATO forces in Libya and other African States has showed the level at which Africa will continue to be undermined by the west unless it steps up and builds its own military power to protect itself.

The decision by the president to deploy SANDF troops to CAR as requested by the government of that country cannot have been a wrong decision. South Africa should be encouraged to build a strong military force that will be able to enforce peace in the continent, so that democracy is not undermined by rebels who want to claim power without the popular support of the masses.

Whilst we understand that the SANDF is under-funded, it remains the duty of the Chief of the SANDF to assess the combat situation and provide necessary combat and logistic support to the forces. We await to get the report on the suitability of the strength and supportability of the forces deployed in CAR and if anybody was ignorant in that regard, tough action should be taken.

As this incident cannot be attributed to one person, let all South Africans take responsibility for the country's foreign military missions and be with families of the fallen patriots and the SANDF during this time. 

South Africans should also call for at least 2% of the GDP to be spent for the requirements of the SANDF in line with spending by other nations. 

We also take this time to send condolences to the families of the dead and injured.

Statement issued by the South African Security Forces Union, March 25 2013

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