Chief Justice appointment process is defective - IFP

Koos van der Merwe says current system doesn't allow for best candidate to be appointed


The Inkatha Freedom Party's Chief Whip and spokesperson on Justice Mr Koos van der Merwe said he would consider, after consultation with his Party, to introduce a Private Members' Bill in Parliament that could lead to changes in the way the Chief Justice of the Republic is appointed.

"We need to consider whether an amendment to our Constitution is now needed. Clearly, we need to amend this defective process in which the President is able to virtually unilaterally appoint a Chief Justice, who is not necessarily the best candidate for the position. We need public participation, in which a meaningful process of consultation takes place," said Koos van der Merwe MP.

Van der Merwe said that current system does not allow for the best candidate to be appointed to the highest judicial office in the land. "It is not only surprising but shocking that despite the massive public outcry, the President has simply ignored the objections and appointed this controversial candidate. It shows an utter disrespect for public opinion, and our democracy as a whole," concluded Van der Merwe.

Statement issued by Koos van der Merwe MP, IFP Chief Whip and spokesperson on justice, September 8 2011

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