19 107 child rape cases in 2016/17 – Zakhele Mbhele

DA MP says of the 124 526 rape cases reported in last 3 financial years, children were victims in 41% of these cases

Children are the victims of almost 50% of all cases of rape in the last three years

16 May 2018

The DA can reveal that of the 124 526  rape cases reported in the last 3 financial years, children were the victims of shocking 41% of these cases. A parliamentary reply also revealed that in the same period, more than 2 600 children were murdered, which constitutes 5% of all reported murders. This also means that at least 46 children are raped every day and at least 2 children are murdered every single day in South Africa.

Only 21% of child rapes cases and only 1 in 3 murder cases resulted in successful convictions.

The horrific brutality with which these children were murdered is also frightening. Weapons used, include firearms, axes, spades, pangas, hammers, belts and poison– many of these children were practically butchered to death.

These statistics are disturbing at the very least and likely to worsen given the numerous crises within the South African Police Services (SAPS) leadership. It is clear that without political will, the police will to continue to fail in its mandate to ensure the reduction of the country’s unacceptably high levels of crime levels and safety of all South Africans, especially children.

Something is seriously amiss and the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, must take a firm stand against these senseless losses of life and the brutal murders of our children.

It is Minister Cele’s responsibility to ensure the investigations into the cases are expedited and that perpetrators are brought to book.

The DA has consistently called for the professionalisation of police service and Minister Cele should be gravely concerned about the police’s lack of training and capacity to carry out their duties effectively.

An ineffective police service flies in the face of victims of murder and rape who are failed by the very people that should be protecting them.

Issued by Zakhele MbheleDA Shadow Minister of Police, 16 May 2018