Clover: Popcru racist and misguided

Ben Levitas says the company and South Africa would benefit through investment by Israel's CBC

“Regressive” POPCRU in futile attempt to impede progress!

There is nothing “progressive” about The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU’s) call to condemn the impending investment into Clover dairy by the Israeli Central Bottling Company (CBC) in partnership with South African company Brimstone.

Israeli dairy products lead the world for the quality and variety and the technical knowhow that the Clover investment will bring to the table is of inestimable value. It would add to the quality of life of all South Africans and would open up African and other export markets that Clover does not currently enjoy. It is “regressive” and futile to try to hold back progress. This investment would definitely add more jobs at a time where unemployment is at an all- time high, and all “progressive” forces are focussed on trying to create new and sustainable jobs.

Minister Lindiwe Sisulu recently re-iterated that there is no ban on Israeli investment and this boycott call by POPCRU is misinformed and malicious. Cancelling the deal will not assist any Palestinians but will diminish the appeal of South Africa as an investment destination. The outcome of the boycott process will especially be watched by American companies.

What POPCRU fails to understand is the need for innovation in order to remain competitive in the modern world. Failure to introduce new products, or products that are available overseas will inexorably lead to needs being satisfied by importing more and more products. The ultimate consequence will be closures of local dairies with consequential job losses. One would expect POPCRU to be concerned about retaining local jobs, because without a means of livelihood there are no civil and human right.

The rhetoric used in POPOCRU’S press release is racist and entirely misguided. There exists no “conspiracy” against the Palestinian people and there exists no “Apartheid” in Israel. In fact everywhere throughout the Arab world, Palestinians are treated as second class “citizens”, kept in refugee camps and even denied normal human rights. Palestinians in Israel enjoy the highest educational levels of any Arab peoples as well as all the democratic rights of a free society. POPCRU is disingenuous by focussing only on Israel, while turning a blind eye to all the really severe human rights abuses across the Arab world.

With the rebirth of Israel, the historic prophecy and destiny of Israel as a “Land flowing with Milk and honey” has been realized, and only “regressive” and vindictive organizations will try to impede progress.

Ben Levitas