Congratulations to SAPS for preventing farm attack – Roy Jankielsohn

DA says police and safety structures working together led to arrest of five heavily armed men

DA congratulates SAPS for preventing farm attack

13 June 2019

The DA would like to congratulate the SAPS on their swift action that allegedly prevented what could’ve been another tragic farm attack in Fouriesburg.

Action by the local SAPS and safety structures working jointly with each other led to the apprehension of five heavily armed men, armed with an automatic rifle and pistol who indicating that the suspects were planning to carry out an attack on farm dwellers. The action by the SAPS with the support of local safety structures supports the importance of intelligence in preventing such attacks.

This specific incident proves that intelligence combined with the rural safety unit, as proposed by the DA, would’ve been of huge significance.

Issued by Roy Jankielsohn, DA Maluti Constituency Head and Leader of the Official Opposition, 13 June 2019