Consultative Conference needed - ANC Gauteng

Purpose would be to assess the state of the nation, the Alliance and the broad democratic forces


Johannesburg, Sunday 04 September 2016

ANC Gauteng PEC convened an Extended Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting on Friday and Saturday, 2 – 3 September 2016 in Johannesburg to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the outcome of the 2016 Local Government Elections and to develop an appropriate organisational response.

The meeting, which was also attended by ANC Regional Office Bearers, MKMVA Provincial Office Bearers, Provincial Working Committees of the ANCWL, ANCYL, ANC Veterans’ League and the Alliance Provincial Office Bearers, was characterised by frank and robust discussions.

The meeting adopted important decisions on how to rebuild the ANC into an effective leader of society that can unite the people of our country around the agenda for radical social and economic transformation.

The most important decision taken by the Extended PEC meeting unanimously is the call for a broad ANC-led Special National Consultative Conference attended by the Alliance as well as different formations and sectors of the democratic movement who are committed to thoroughgoing transformation.

The purpose of the broad Consultative Conference should be, among others, to:

· Assess the state of the nation and agree on the necessary interventions to pursue the objectives of the National Democratic Revolution;

· Assess the state of the ANC, Alliance and broad democratic forces and agree on the necessary interventions to unite, rebuild and renew the ANC, Alliance and the broad democratic movement.

The meeting further agreed that the broad Special National Consultative Conference should be preceded by extensive consultations with the Alliance, all veterans and different sectors of society in the communities across our province, including religious leaders.

In the coming weeks, the PEC will be meeting with all the Regions, Branches, Alliance structures and sectoral organisations to discuss the decisions of the Extended PEC meeting.

The Extended PEC further decided to strongly discourage all members of the ANC in Gauteng Province from participating in the campaign to occupy the ANC Headquarters on Monday, 05 September 2016. 

The PEC believes the challenges facing the ANC can only be resolved through proper and structured organisational processes such as the Special National Consultative Conference that we are calling for. All ANC members should therefore remain disciplined and participate in these processes.

The PEC also raised concerns about different government ministers and state-owned enterprises that have been engaging in public spats and contradictory public statements that undermine policy coherence in government and cause damage to the economy. 

We support the intervention of the ANC national leadership to stop these public spats. The ANC government cannot be a government at war with itself. The ANC national leadership at Luthuli House should enforce discipline among all cadres deployed in government. 

Statement issued on behalf of the Provincial Executive Committee by Hope Mankwana Papo, ANC Gauteng Provincial Secretary, 4 September 2016