COPE(L) aiming to overturn Shilowa interdict - Dexter

Party says it was not given an opportunity to present factual situation


The Congress of the People yesterday petitioned the Cape High Court to set aside a temporary interdict against Parliament that is currently delaying filling of an existing COPE vacancy in the National Assembly

COPE was not given the opportunity to submit the factual situation before the interdict was granted. The Court was thus compelled to make a temporary ruling based on a one sided and fatally flawed version submitted by former MP Mr Mbhazima Shilowa's lawyers.

The outcome might be delayed for a week or two due to a scheduled Court recess. COPE has no doubt that as with the previous 12 court cases lost by the Shilowa splinter group, COPE will also successfully repel this futile attempt by Shilowa as soon as the Court is presented with the true facts of the matter.

All Mr Shilowa is likely to get out of this latest legal misadventure, are additions to his already staggering mountain of legal cost orders against him.

Statement issued by Phillip Dexter, COPE(L) head of communications, April 1 2011

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