COPE's no confidence vote laughable - ANC

Ruling party says opposition rivals are a bunch of opportunists and clowns


The African National Congress (ANC) has noted the so-called intention by the Congress of the People (COPE) to table a vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma's leadership when Parliament resumes this week (see report).

This, coming from a political newcomer without a track record and legacy, is an absolute laughable matter. On family and private matters, the President has taken the nation and the country into confidence by honestly making a public apology. As President of the country, no amount of leadership equates listening to the concerns of the South African people.

The ANC, Alliance partners and the people of South Africa have accepted that apology, except for COPE - an insignificant and opportunistic political player and wannabe political opposition party.

If COPE wants us to believe that it is a serious political player, the fundamental question they should ask themselves is why - after so much free publicity in the run-up to the 2009 elections  - are they not coming close to becoming the official political opposition party? Why are they content with using ANC experience to assist them to come up with a template in setting up their structures?

What we are less concerned about is the pressure COPE's national leadership is reeling under from its youth wing. Unlike COPE, we are no bunch of opportunists and clowns who will exploit family issues for political gains, if there are any. We are more about policy than the Dandala, Shilowa and Lekota path to political disaster and oblivion.

Statement issued by Brian Sokutu, African National Congess spokesperson, February 8 2010

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