COSATU NWest condemns attacks on NUM workers

Federation says attacks are moving from one mine to another

COSATU NW condemns the killing of workers at Lonmin

The Congress of South African Trade Unions in the North West has condemned the continued spate of attack on the National Union of Mine workers in the Rustenburg Region.

COSATU has observed that this attack is moving from one mine to the other and now it has moved to Lonmin and nothing is done by the authorities to stop this attack.

What is also painful is that workers looses their lives leaving families without bread winners and therefore hunger and poverty enters those families.

COSATU want to remind AMCU that the constitution of our country allows workers a freedom of association and that right has been extended in the labour relations act which give workers the rights and powers to form their unions, and not to be forced to join some fly-by night unions.

COSATU calls on the police to arrest all those criminals who gather without applying as required by the public gathering act and arrest those who are implicated in the murdering of innocent mine workers.

It is not true that the police are not aware of who is behind this criminal activities.

Such criminal activities were experienced at Impala and all those who were arrested on same association stopped workers not to go to work demanding the release of those who were suspect on the murder and assault of workers.

COSATU NW has been puzzled on why people are given bail more than two times on the matter and it is without any doubt that both the police, the prosecution, including management are together in this criminal activities of destroying NUM.

This also includes destroying the lives of innocent people who want to go to work.

COSATU NW is calling on the police to do their work and not buy faces of those, who have capital power.

We further calling our national government to intervene on these criminals who are busy destroying our 18 years democracy, which is currently being undermined by some few people both at Impala and Lonmin.

COSATU NW argues that workers must be safe in the hands of the police, and workers must be allowed to choose their Union.

It cannot be correct that every time our members are killed, the police response will be that they do not who is the culprit.

COSATU NW has seen same things happening at Impala, now is LONMIN at Aquarium mine and the police are quick to arrest, why?

COSATU North West would like to take this opportunity to send a message of condolence to the families, who have lost their loved ones and may their soul rest in peace.

And wish also those who are hospitalized, a speedy recovery.

Statement issued by Cde Solly Phetoe-COSATU North West Provincial Secretary, August 13 2012

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