Cosatu WC to oppose Walmart in the Western Cape

Union calls on government to investigate this hostile move by Walmart

Cosatu W/Cape is alarmed that we are even considering an offer from Walmart to take over key strategic National Companies in South Africa. We will oppose the setting up of any Walmart stores in the W /Cape. These Companies are notoriously anti union and anti workers rights, and an affront to workers rights wherever they operate around the world.

We call on urgent National action from Government to investigate this hostile move by Walmart. Companies whose practice it is to abuse workers rights are not welcome in South Africa. We need a retail sector that creates decent work opportunities in this expanding sector, and the undermining of rights in one chain of stores will force non compliance in other chains of stores and put our country on a downward spiral in terms of Labour Law compliance. Walmart is not welcome in the W/Cape.

Statement issued by COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, September 28 2010

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