Coup attempt in Venezuela condemned – COSATU

Federation says main aim of the US is to generate a crisis that will lead to a violent overthrow of legitimate govt

COSATU condemns the coup attempt in Venezuela

25 January 2019

COSATU condemns the imperialist attack fostered mainly by the United State government, under the helm of Donald Trump, to overthrow the constitutionally elected government through a coup d'état.

Venezuela has, for while, been at the receiving end of multi-forms of aggression and economic sabotage spearheaded by the US. The most recent aggression comes after the US refusal to recognise the legitimate electoral process that took place in May 2018. This despite the fact that everything was done in accordance with the laws and norms that govern the Venezuelan electoral system.

The main aim of the US is to generate a crisis that will lead to a violent overthrowing of the legitimate Government and take over the control of the Venezuelan State. This illustrates how the US does not respect the democratic will of the Venezuelan People. In fact, the US is breaching the foundations of international law and in this instance, the principle of non-interference in other country’s domestic affairs.

COSATU stands firmly in solidarity with the people of Venezuela in their struggle to assert their national independence, right to self-determination and justice. We implore Venezuela to never surrender the rights of its People and the resources of its territory to the will or caprice of foreign powers. 

The federation also calls on the governments of the world and all progressive forces to speak out and wage a fight against the United States of America. This is the time for strengthened solidarity networks in defence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in ensuring that their self-determination and their own kind of democracy prevails.

We offer our solidarity to the leadership of the Bolivarian revolution led by President Nicolas Maduro, who is under attack from the imperialist forces and their internal rightwing agents. 

Issued by Sizwe Pamla, National Spokesperson, COSATU, 25 January 2019