SCA denies Brian Molefe's application - Solidarity

Movement says time for ex Eskom CEO's repayment of funds approaching

Court of Appeal denies Molefe application – Time for repayment of funds getting closer

10 October 2018

Solidarity said today that former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe should cease trying to postpone the inevitable. This follows after the trade union today announced that the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein has dismissed Molefe’s application in which he wanted to appeal against the earlier ruling of the High Court. 

A full bench of the High Court earlier ruled that Molefe’s huge pension pay-out was unlawful. The court therefore ordered Molefe to repay the money he had received, and also ruled that he would be responsible for the costs of the court case. 

According to Anton van der Bijl, head of Labour Law Services at Solidarity, it was clear from the outset that Molefe’s application to appeal was merely a deferral tactic. “The High Court did not grant Mr Molefe leave to appeal in its initial judgment because even then the Court believed that another court would not come to a different conclusion,” Van der Bijl explained. 

What Molefe is doing now, is to abuse the courts in order to postpone the inevitable, namely the repayment of the money owed by him. He should be ashamed of himself, apologise to the country and repay the money unlawfully paid to him. However, he is doing the opposite and he is trying to defend what the court has already found to be indefensible,” Van der Bijl said. 

Issued by Anton van der Bijl, Solidarity’s Head of Labour Law Services, 10 October 2018