Crime against whites will stop after blacks take their land - Malema

CIC also says the EFF is like the second coming of 'Jesus' and the ANC is 'buried in Qunu'

Malema: The EFF is the second coming of 'Jesus', marking the end of the ANC

The EFF is like the second coming of 'Jesus' and the ANC is 'buried in Qunu', leader Julius Malema declared at the political party’s 5th birthday celebrations in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape on Saturday.

"There was an impression that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes back…" Malema told the celebratory crowd gathered at the Sisa Dukashe stadium.

"In their dreams.

"Say goodbye ANC; Jesus has arrived five years ago – that Jesus is the EFF."

Malema said that Christians knew that "Jesus is not going to walk in like an identifiable someone. Jesus comes in different forms and Jesus arrived in Marikana five years ago."

'The ANC is buried in Qunu'

Earlier, he described how the ANC had died with Nelson Mandela: "The ANC is buried in Qunu. It is done; it is finished; this one is not the ANC. It’s a ghost."

As such, it was time to move on from the ANC, he suggested.

"You [the ANC] fought for freedom - we thanked you for the past 24 years…We have honoured Mandela; it is enough; we must honour ourselves. It is our future," he declared.

Malema’s speech covered a wide range of topics. One of his comments was that when land was returned to the people, house break-ins would stop and then white people could enjoy their gardens.

Malema also reiterate that while his heart was "only for my wife", and "for African people", it didn’t mean he hated others. Instead he just wanted to help those who were most oppressed.

Education is key

Turning to praise for his own party, Malema said the EFF’s ethos upheld education as "fashionable".

"In the EFF, we don’t compete with the names of the jeans we are wearing or the sneakers: we compete with how many qualifications do you have."

He promised that after the 2019 national elections, the party would "govern somewhere" whether it be a metro or a municipality.

When it came to his own commitment to politics, Malema promised to dedicate the rest of his life – and beyond - to fighting oppression.

"Even when I’m dead, I shall be a ghost that sides with the weak and the poor," he pledged.


'Don’t be scared of the land debate' - Malema tells whites

White people could enjoy their gardens when land is returned to the people as house break-ins would stop, according to EFF leader Julius Malema.

"I want to make a clarion call to fellow white South Africans: Don’t be scared of the land debate, because the land debate is going to liberate you from yourselves."

He said white people stayed behind high walls, "because you are scared you will be attacked tomorrow".

"Who will attack you? For what?

"You know you have done something wrong."

'Enjoy the beautiful gardens'

He said that if white people "released the land" then "you shall collapse the high walls and enjoy the beautiful gardens".

Malema promised that once they were busy with the land, robbers would stop.

"We are breaking into your houses because we have nothing to do, because we are idling.

"Give us the land – you shall know a permanent peace," he declared.."