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SAPS has been crippled by political interference, corruption, a lack of training and a lack of accountability

Shocking crime statistics prove that it’s time for devolution of policing powers

18 August 2023

It is evident in the shocking crime statistics that was released today that the South African Police Service (SAPS), under the leadership of Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, has failed dismally.

The SAPS has been crippled by political interference, corruption, a lack of training and a lack of accountability for far too long. It is clear that this situation cannot be remedied at national level, as this would be akin to asking the wolf to watch the sheep.

Meanwhile, AfriForum today released a report about the decentralisation of policing services. The following is compiled in the report: “It is evident from the analyses that there is considerable variation in crime rates across provinces. This variation comprises murder rates and the nature of the crime, such as taxi-related violence, assassinations, farm murders and illicit mining-related murders. Further exploration and understanding of these discrepancies are critical for law enforcement agencies, policymakers and stakeholders.”

While politicians like Cele continue to make empty promises, ordinary South Africans are being murdered and raped at alarming rates.

“Minister Cele is obviously not capable of performing his duties. He prioritises party politics and protecting political pals over ensuring that the SAPS functions effectively. Recently it came to light that under Cele’s terrible leadership five thousand police issued firearms have been lost in the last five years. Those firearms are directly empowering criminals,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s spokesperson for Community Safety.

“Control of the SAPS should not be in the hands of corrupt ANC central powers but rather in the hands of communities themselves. It is now time to devolve the SAPS’s powers so that this criminal mess can be cleaned up,” concludes Broodryk.

AfriForum also calls on members of the public to get involved with their local civilian safety structures to help ensure the safety of their communities.

AfriForum has 168 neighbourhood watches countrywide. Get involved at www.afriforumbuurtwag.co.za.

Issued by Jacques Broodryk, Spokesperson: Community Safety, AfriForum, 18 August 2023