Crime stats: Mixed progress amid lingering concerns – IFP

Party says number of lives lot to GBV remains a significant concern

IFP Response to Q2 2023-2024 Crime Statistics: Mixed Progress Amid Lingering Concerns

17 November 2023

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), in response to recent crime statistics unveiled by top police officials and Minister Bheki Cele, acknowledges the positive decrease in murders - 10.9% in cases involving women and 7% involving children - between July and September 2023. However, the number of lives lost to gender-based violence remains a significant concern.

During the Police Portfolio Committee Meeting in Parliament on 17 November 2023, police data indicated a decline in murder cases of women, from 989 to 881, and a reduction in cases involving children, from 315 to 293, compared to the same period last year.

Despite these encouraging trends, there are worrisome increases in other violent crimes. Attempted murder saw a substantial spike of 18.6%, with 1 514 cases reported – a notable surge from the previous year. Assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) also rose by 5.1%, reaching 14 401 reported cases.

In crimes against children, attempted murder experienced a concerning surge of 22.8%, with 361 reported cases. On a more positive note, assault with intent to cause GBH decreased by 4%, with 1 820 cases reported.

Beyond the numerical trends, the IFP underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of violence. The leading factors contributing to murders include arguments, misunderstandings, road rage, and provocation, with vigilantism or mob justice and robbery following closely.

The IFP calls for sustained efforts and collaborative initiatives to create safer communities. The party remains committed to working towards a society where every individual, especially women and children, can live free from the threat of violence.

Issued by Zandile Majozi, IFP Spokesperson on Police, 17 November 2023