DA an anti-black women party - EFF

Fighters slam official opposition for not wanting to give De Lille back her substantive powers

EFF condemns DA's disrespect of the rule of law on the mater of Mayor De Lille

16 May 2018

The EFF condemns the DA’s disregard and disrespect of the outcomes of the Cape Town High Court on the mayorship of Patricia De Lille. This arrogance and disregard of the rule of law is demonstrated by clearly stating in their statement that “De Lille will now act in only a ceremonial role, with substantive governance decisions to be taken by the DA caucus in the interests of the people of Cape Town (while enjoying the benefits of a Mayoral Salary at rate-payer expense).” This is despite the fact that the judgement says De Lille must resume her position as Mayor. 

In its statement, the DA is vowing to flagrantly disregard and undermine a court decision. They are telling the whole country that despite a ruling of the court which says De Lille must resume her duties as mayor, that they as the DA will ensure this does not happen through their caucus. Instead, they will render her into a mere ceremonial mayor. 

Nothing demonstrates, not only DA’s arrogance, but it’s ungovernability than this position. Through this statement, they are placing themselves above the law; and to think that they portray themselves as a constitutionalist who is an alternative to the ANC. 

The DA is also proving itself as an anti-black women party, willing to do everything to humiliate Patricia De Lillie without any due process. Vowing to reduce her into a ceremonial mayor is vowing to place her precisely where the sexist stereotypes about many women in power are believed to be: mere symbols or window dressing. 

In a time in our country when black women are under patriarchal and toxic masculinity assault, the DA joins in, by publicly seeking De Lille’s humiliation without any due process. To this day, they have not explained why corruption and maladministration De Lille has engaged in.  Above all, they are willing to humiliate her even when the court says she must be returned to her position. A party that respects the rule of law will respect that De Lille must be a mayor with all the powers of a mayor as the court directs. A party that respects the rule of law knows that it must respect and accept this decision even if they did not like it until they get their hearing at a higher court. 

Finally, a party that takes the constitutional value of women equality seriously would not vow to render the mayorship of De Lille as mere ceremonial. Instead, they would respect her and give her space till the matter is heard by a higher court. By refusing all of this, DA is telling the country that should they lose the case, they are willing to undermine the country’s courts and laws to impose their own will. 

South Africans must realize the DA for what it is; an arrogant, white masculinist, sexist and unlawful political party.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin, National Spokesperson, Economic Freedom Fighters, 16 May 2018