DA and ID members cross over to FF+ - Jaco Mulder

Gauteng leader says dark cloud hands over Midvaal due to corruption investigation


A number of key role players from the Democratic Alliance and the Independent Democrats in Gauteng were welcomed officially by the Freedom Front Plus in their new political home. Mr. Christo Smith, a sitting DA city councillor in Midvaal, shortly before the deadline of the IEC for the submission of nominations of candidates, resigned from the DA and joined the FF Plus.

According to the leader of the FF Plus in Gauteng , Mr. Jaco Mulder, the Midvaal and Cape Town municipalities are the most important supporting pillars of the DA's election campaign while a dark cloud hangs over Midvaal due to investigations into corruption.

Other prominent members who joined the FF Plus include Mr. Craig Bennetts who, as sitting councillor of the DA in the Ekurhuleni Metro on the East Rand, resigned and Ms. Tess a DA nominated candidate from South Hills, Johannesburg. A former deputy leader of the ID in Gauteng , Mr. Brian Power, is also now a nominated candidate for the FF Plus in Johannesburg People are turning their backs on the huffing-and-puffing politics of the DA and ID to return to their roots. The FF Plus is increasingly viewed as the natural political home of people who with their Christian values want to contribute to real solutions.

The Freedom Front Plus' research amongst 130 000 people who had signed its tollgate petition indicates that the party will show an increase in support in the forthcoming municipal elections. It was established that between 70% of the signatories would be prepared to support the FF Plus in the municipal election.

According to Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus Parliamentary spokesperson on Communication, the support is a mix between old and new supporters. "Many of the signatories of the petition indicated that they would for the first time be supporting the FF Plus due to the successes of the party with its actions to protect taxpayers from being exploited."

The FF Plus is at present the third largest opposition party in Gauteng following the DA and Cope. As a result of the infighting in Cope and due to the growing support for the FF Plus, the party could grow to become the second largest opposition party in Gauteng after the elections on 18 May 2011.

The FF Plus will be prepared to form coalitions with other opposition political parties after the election as it had done in Cape Town and George after the 2006 municipal election.

The FF Plus in this way gives Afrikaners, minorities and voters who share its value system, real influence in local government.

Statement issued by Mr. Jaco Mulder, FF Plus MPL and provincial leader: Gauteng, May 12 2011

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