DA charges bring down rotten Ace Magashule – John Steenhuisen

Party leader says after years of fighting a warrant of arrest was issued for ANC SG

While Ramaphosa sits on his hands, DA charges bring down rotten Magashule

10 November 2020

After years of fighting for justice for the people of the Free State, the DA is delighted to hear of the warrant of arrest that was today issued for ANC Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, in connection to the R255 million asbestos audit contract.

It was the DA’s Member of the Free State Provincial Legislature, Leona Kleynhans, who has pursued this case relentlessly since 2015, eventually culminating in the laying of charges against Magashule in May this year, which has ensured that Magashule finally be brought to book.

This is a win for the DA, but more importantly, this is a win for South Africa. It is high time that corrupt ANC cadres face the full might of the law and are jailed for their treasonous corruption which continues to steal from the poor and re-enrich the party’s elite.

It is highly unfortunate that this warrant of arrest has come about as a direct result of the actions of the DA, and not President Ramaphosa himself, who has made a number of commitments to dealing decisively with corruption in his party to no avail.

The facts of this case have been known to the public, and the ANC, since the publication of the book "Gangster State" by author and corruption whistle blower Pieter-Louis Myburgh in March last year. It is unintelligible that the ANC has, after almost two years since the book’s publication, done absolutely nothing to act on one of its own in the face of damning corruption allegations.

It is indeed very telling that the first high-profile ANC arrest has been made because of the actions of the DA. With the facts staring him directly in the face, Ramaphosa still remained silent, sat on his hands, and did nothing. Ramaphosa’s claims to be a corruption-fighter are a complete and utter farce.

It is blatantly evident that justice for our country remains the responsibility of the DA, and we remain committed to rooting out the lecherous corruption committed by the ANC and its cadres which continues to ravage our country.

I want to remind South Africans that we will not stop until every last corrupt ANC cadre and politician is placed behind bars. Our country deserves nothing less.

Issued byJohn Steenhuisen, Leader of the Democratic Alliance, 10 November 2020