DA condemns ANC farm murder justification - Jacqueline Theologo

DA NWest MPL shocked by comments that farm attacks can be justified by poor treatment of some people on farms

DA condemns ANC farm murder justification

28 February 2017

The DA strongly and unequivocally condemns an attempt today by the ANC to justify the prevalence of farm murders.

We are shocked by the reckless comments made today by Hofmann Galeng, ANC Chief Whip, in the legislature that farm attacks and farm murders can be justified by the poor treatment of some people on farms.

The DA condemns all violence on farms, no matter who commits it. This ludicrous justification is simply a smoke screen to hide the ANC's failure to keep all rural communities safe, farmers and farm workers alike.

To date, for the month of February, 17 people on farms have been murdered across our country, and 44 farms have been attacked. This growing trend of rural violence deserves condemnation from the ANC, not encouragement and justification.

The latest attack in the North West occurred over the weekend when the Hough family of Zeerust was attacked on their farm.

The DA has consistently pleaded with Government to launch special Rural Safety units to ensure rural safety, and years of broken promises on Rural Safety Units are leaving blood on the ANC’s hands.

We would also remind the ANC that rural safety encompasses both farm workers and farmers, and their divisive tactics on this issue are a disgrace.

We need to stand up and stand together to safeguard our communities.

Agricultural communities not only put food on our tables but also create much-needed jobs. Rural violence threatens our food security and therefore threatens our nation.

We call upon the Premier and his cabinet to forget about wasting money on a 6m statue of Jacob Zuma, and instead urgently set about establishing Rural Safety Units.

The DA demands that Galeng withdraws his statement publicly. If he does not, we will move for his Censure in the Legislature.

Issued by Jacqueline Theologo, DA Whip, North West Legislature, 28 February 2017